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What we can offer ?

saz marine offers a wide range of automation & controls solutions from the Programmable logic controller (PLC) to the more recent technology embodied in the rugged, scalable, highly-functional Programmable Automation Controller from the most known and trusted manufacturer’s . We offer upgrading solutions for obsolete equipment’s while protecting the control system investment you made in the past.
Our delivered solutions are scaled to fit your specific needs whether you are looking for small system for machine control or a large integrated system to control your entire plant or facility, we have the experience to make your project amazing and successful with reasonable and competitive costs.

Our control solutions comply with most world standards, robust, repeatable and well documented for easy troubleshooting and future expansion. We can design your human machine interfaces (HMI) with the most comprehensive, user friendly graphics such as process overviews, alarming, trending, face-plates, and customer specified  graphics etc .

DCS & SCADA Systems

Our DCS & SCADA systems solutions meets all your process needs.  Our control system uses features that impact the lifecycle of your plant operations by ensuring that plant-wide and scalable systems drive productivity, improve profitability, and reduce overall risks, Meet the challenges and experience real productivity gains in all areas of your plant.

Achieving a safe plant control system is one of our main design steps with reference to the Functional safety standards and guidelines to achieve the freedom from unacceptable risk that can lead to  people injury, damage to property or to the environment; We understand how safety is quantified as per IEC-61511 standard and we have the expertise on plants operation hazards. We ensure our delivered system comply with your plant or machine safety integrity level (SIL) study requirements.

What is functional Safety ?

Functional safety is the part of the overall safety that depends on the correct functioning of the process or equipment in response to its inputs. Functional safety was a term introduced in IEC 61508:1998. Since then, the term has sometimes been associated with only programmable safety systems. This is a misconception. Functional safety covers a broad range of devices that are used to create safety systems. Devices like interlocks, light curtains, safety relays, safety PLCs, safety contactors, and safety drives are interconnected to form a safety system, which performs a specific safety-related function. This is functional safety. Therefore the functional safety of an electrical control system is highly relevant to the control of hazards.

Risk assessment plays a key role in developing the functional safety requirements. Task and hazard analysis leads to the function requirements for safety (i.e. the safety function). The risk quantification yields the safety integrity requirements (i.e. the safety integrity or performance level).